Sunday, October 2, 2011


Back East the leaves turn and fall
I am still alone
Two years left behind a good man and my home
I am still alone
Pages get torn up and smells washed away
I am still alone
Optimism breeds contempt because
I am still alone
Playing the role women are meant for
but I am still alone
Changing and pushing and trying myself
I am still alone
Sleepwalking with a dream man surreal
and now I'm left alone
Begging time for its slow sweet heal
every time I feel alone
The leaves turned this way round this time last year
I'd just been left alone
I learned to forget, I slept and I met
and then found myself alone
I miss the men I've hugged and I've loved
all those plans which came to no fruition
I ache for the one man I still haven't met
I'm tired of being alone